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HP Warranty

 HP Warranty CentreBurco Technologies provides warranty and service centre facilities for HP products. Burco Technologies employ a dedicated and specially trained technical staff in Harare and Lusaka who have received training in particular on the latest HP printers, desktop computers, laptops and Proliant servers up to a level of 4 processors.

There are also specially trained staff members who have undergone customer care, service delivery and conflict management training based on the HP service model. Burco Technologies offers warranty on all HP supported products in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region and after warranty support on any HP product.

These services are offered in Zimbabwe at Burco Technologies' offices in Harare, Bulawayo and Mutare and in Zambia in Lusaka. Burco Technologies' target is a maximum time of 10 working days on repairs, although this can be subject to the supply of spare parts. Burco Technologies has adopted HP's service philosophy of speed, power and passion. These are speed of response, power from teamwork and the strength of HP services and passion about customer loyalty. For Burco Technologies, nothing is too large or too small, too easy or too difficult to come up with a workable solution. Through its relationship with HP, Burco Technologies has direct access to high level technical information, high level technical personnel for escalation of problems and a service delivery model that is web-based and online 24/7.

 Trade Repairs and Maintenance Centre

Burco Technologies provides trade repairs and service centre facilities for various other brands of PCs, printers and UPS and can provide maintenance contracts to corporate clients. These contracts are tailor made to the clients requirements.